Priority Staffing


Satisfied Customers

Our success as a staffing company is based on our ability to satisfy our customers and to maintain a portfolio of competent and hardworking employees.

Priority Staffing, Inc., is in constant contact with its customers and employees to insure your satisfaction with their services. Periodic reviews are held to assess whether we are meeting customer expectations and to review areas for improvement.

Selection Process

Priority Staffing, Inc., prides itself on providing employees that are properly screened and tested to insure they fit the criteria of our customer. We have developed a thorough, accurate process to select the right people for the job requested:

  • Detailed Application
  • Application Verification
  • Resume, if applicable
  • Physical, if requested
  • Proprietary Screening Techniques
  • Evaluate Safety Requirements
  • Employment Verification
  • Drug Testing
  • Skills Testing
  • Skills Profile
  • Decision-Making

Priority Experience

More than ever before, staffing solutions require professionals with first-hand experience in the business environment to fully understand the specific needs of businesses. They must have experience in recruitment of employees fields of expertise and an understanding of attitudes required to be successful.

The principals of Priority Staffing, Inc., have over 30 years of work and management experience in manufacturing and general industrial environments and 17 years of experience in providing temporary and permanent staffing to businesses in their community.

Priority Staffing

Our Mission: Provide our customers with good employees that have the skills and attitude necessary to help each other succeed.